How to Sell Photos Online

Learn How to Sell Stock Photos Online

STEP 1 Sign Up for One or More Contributor Accounts.

First thing you will need to do is to sign up and get your contributor accounts verified as well. In order to sign up for a contributor  or seller account, most stock photo sites do require a valid picture id. Then after or during the sign up process, they may ask you to submit some samples of your work for review. Then once your approved you can start selling your work right away, and even before providing tax information as well. Most stock photography websites will simply withhold a portion of your earnings until you complete the tax information. 

STEP 2 Start Shooting Stock Photos.

Now its time for the fun part, and start shooting stock photography. It is important to take high quality photos that are a very large resolution. Also you want to ensure your taking images that are useful for various businesses. Be sure to sign up for our free Stock Photography Newsletter for the latest advice, tips, and techniques for shooting great stock photos.

STEP 3 Add Meta Data to your Stock Photos.

First you will need to upload your stock images to your computer, and then open them in your favorite photo editing program. Be sure which ever editing program you use, that you will be able to add/change the Title, Description, Location, and others you desire. 

STEP 4 Add Tags/Keywords to the Stock Images.

To make this task easier we recommend using some type of keyword generating software or program. There are many options out there, and most of the stock photo sites have one built in. The most popular one would be the Keyword Suggestion Tool inside the Shutterstock Contributor Dashboard. 

STEP 5 Upload the Stock Photos.

Now its time to upload the stock images to the stock photography websites. Almost all of the time the stock photo sites will review your uploads before publishing them for public download. The review process can take any where from less then one day to a couple of weeks. All depends on which stock photo site, and how busy they are. 

FINISH  Sit Back and Collect Residual Income.

Now that you have uploaded your stock images, all there is left to do now is collect your checks. You should still continuously add new photos/videos to your stock photo portfolio to increase your sales overall. You can simply repeat the steps 2-5. For the rest, all you need to do is check your stock photography website accounts once in a while, and keep your information up to date. They should send you checks automatically once you have set it up correctly within your account payment settings.

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