You may be wondering what is the best place to sell your photos online, but there are many options out there. Every photographer is different, and some of the best websites to sell photos will vary from person to person. We all specialize in something, and each stock photography site specializes in something as well. For some people it may even make sense for you to build your own photography website. We will discuss the major differences between the top places to sell your photos online, and which ones are best suited for you.


Sell Your Photos on the Top Stock Photography Websites


For most, the best place to sell photos online will be the more popular websites. This is where you will find the most stock photo buyers normally, but it usually does mean lower commissions per sale though. How ever, it becomes more of a numbers game, and selling very many pictures for a little, ends up adding up to a lot. This does require some patience and dedication, as it takes many images and time to grow your monthly sales. Especially when first creating a new profile, it can take a month or two before you get your first sales. Depending on the quantity and quality of the stock images you upload in the beginning. Some of the most popular stock photo sites would be ShutterStock, Adobe Stock, and Getty Images. These three websites have the most users, and paying customers, so chances of making many sales are higher.


Selling Photos on Your Own Website


You always have the option of selling photography your self on your own website to keep up to 100% of the profits from the sales. The major down side to this is that you will need to do your own marketing to find your own paying customers. This can be an expensive and daunting task for most beginner photographers. How ever, if you have a large budget, or you have already built a strong following on social media, or elsewhere. Then you can leverage your following to help increase sales on your own websites. If your stock images are in high demand, and you have a very large following. It may even be far more beneficial for you to only sell your images on your own website to maximize profits.


Sell Your Stock On Your Own and Other Stock Photo Websites


For beginner and less popular photographers, it does help to have your own website, and sell your images on the Top Stock Photography Websites. If you make sure to connect all the portfolios to your website, they can help drive some visitors to your site. On your website you can also add the links to your portfolios on other Stock Photo Websites. Giving people more options to purchase your content, also you can still sell your own work for less and keep all the profits. Building your own website has become more easy these days, and especially with the help of WordPress. If you want to start building your own website, you will need to start with purchasing a website hosting plan, and also a domain name. There are many Themes and Plugins that can make designing your website very easy to do your self. The two most popular and user friendly theme companies are Elegant Themes, and Themify.



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