Why Sell Photos Online for Free?

Sometimes in Photography it makes much sense to sell photos online for free. For new and upcoming stock photographers, this can be a great way to get some free exposure. A potential customer could like your free images so much that they will look for more images that they can purchase online. There are many places to sell photography for free, but if they are not very popular it may not be worth your time. So we have made a list of all the best places to sell photos online for free.




Sell Free & Paid Stock Images

Selling your images for free on DreamsTime may be the best way to get your paid images more exposure. Since this stock photo agency allows both free and paid images, this can come as a big advantage over other websites that sell images for free. Here users can view your free images, and be able to view your full portfolio with the paid images as well. There is no need for them to search for you this way, they can just click directly to your portfolio from the free images.




Sell Free & Paid Stock Images

Selling pictures for free on CanStockPhoto can be a little more difficult as they select the ones they pick. How ever, this can also work to your advantage in gaining much exposure. Since they select few images to sell for free online per week. If yours does get selected, it means you will get very much exposure to your paid portfolio on this same website. When they go to download the free image they will see who took the image and a link to your portfolio as well. Free images on this website get very much exposure and downloads, and they even advertise them weekly in their newsletter to all members.




Free Stock Images Only

The website UnSplash is certainly one of the most popular free stock photo websites around. They do not allow you to sell your images on this website, only sell them for free. So be very careful with the images you do upload on any free photo website, as most of them will not allow you to undo this. One way to increase your exposure for your paid images, is to add links on your free image portfolio that leads to your paid image portfolio. This way you can make money selling your images online, and increase your online exposure as well.




Free Stock Images Only

PixaBay is one of our favorites, and was for a while one of the most popular choices out there. This website also does not allow you to sell your images online for money, but they do allow you to create a portfolio of free images. This website also allows you to comment on your own pictures, and even add links. This is a great place to give a lower quality image away for free, and then add a link to a higher quality image available for purchase in the comment below the lower quality image. This can certainly get you more sales for your stock photography online.




Free Stock Images Only

Another great only free stock image website is Pexels. Here you can also sell the your stock images online for free, but not for money. How ever, with the ability to create your own photography portfolio on their website. In the description you can add links to your own website or other portfolios where you sell your photos for profit. In todays world, one of the best ways to make money online, is to give something away for free first.





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